Industrial scheduler with Routing support

  • Helps Operations people get more out of their facilities
  • MaxScheduler Routing makes it easier to manage Jobs that break into multiple Tasks
  • Suitable for scheduling of manufacturing and print shop operations
  • Videos: i) Introduction ii) Importing Route and Job data
  • Over 300 million events-jobs scheduled over 20 years, learn more

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Web based scheduling software for manufacturing


Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Empower your Sales people to sell
With a working scheduling system, your sales people are in a better position to sell more product, take advantage of opportunities and get the best payback on the factory investment.

Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Get a handle on your complex scheduling
Production scheduling gets complex fast. 250 Jobs with 10 Tasks each, turns into 2500 interdependent Tasks, which is almost impossible to organize in a spreadsheet. MaxScheduler makes this much easier.

Get the most out of your shop floor
Creates a graphical schedule. With a quick look you can get an intuitive feel for how your operations are going and see opportunities to make improvements.

Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Work in Progress tracking
Make it easier to collect data from the Shop Floor. This helps Sales, Customer Service, Management, Floor staff, Scheduling etc.

Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Scheduling system that is always up to date. This means everyone in your organization can log in and check the schedule themselves. Reduces the need for phone calls, emails, chasing people down, etc. Great for sales people who are on the road, customer service, management, etc.

Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Save days of time
Managing a production Route schedule with the wrong tools adds days of time. Most companies just don't schedule for this reason. MaxScheduler has features to make this task managable.

Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Get your people to work together
With one schedule, conflicting agendas between Sales, Management, Shop Floor, will get ironed out. Your company will move together in one direction.

Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Deliver on promised dates
Make it easier for your company to meet delivery date commitments.

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MaxSchedulerWeb can be used by the following manufacturing businesses: print shops, jobs shops, make to order, make to inventory, plastic injection, wire harnesses, CNC shops, metal plating factories, tool and die, aggregate, cement, machine repair, t-shirt printing, etc.


Schedule screen
The main screen in MaxScheduler shows a schedule in the top portion and a List view in the bottom. The List view shows jobs to be scheduled. Jobs are scheduled by using your mouse to drag jobs from the List view to their position on the schedule.

Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Route Scheduling
Manufacturing scheduling gets complex, quickly. It often involves tracking many Jobs that break out in to multiple steps. Its challenging to track this in a spreadsheet. MaxScheduler makes this easier to manage.

Data import
Job data can be imported into MaxScheduler to reduce clerical error. Useful if you have data in systems such as MRP, ERP, WMS, Job Shop, spreadsheets, accounting, etc. MaxScheduler does work with Zapier.
Shop Floor screen
As part of Work in Progress tracking. Each schedule Resource has their own screen which lists just Tasks assigned to that Resource.

Jobs to be scheduled are shown in the List View. The List View has features like Excel: Column sorting and data searching.
Reporting - Job Status
There is a overall Job status screen that lets you see all job details. For example check if the job is currently scheduled or not. There are easy to use, excel like features like column sortation and filtering. There is also an Excel export option. This lets you do your only analysis or importing into another system.

Job/Task highlighting
On the graphical schedule, Jobs are shown broken into multiple Tasks. When you scroll over a Task, all the Job connected Tasks highlight yellow. This makes it easier to see how a Job is progressing on the schedule amongst other Jobs.
Control schedule access through User profiles
There are many User level controls. This allows for a wide range of access. On one side, Schedulers often have full access to the system. The other extreme, there are Viewers, which can see the schedule, but not make changes.

Cloud based scheduling software
Accessible from anywhere
Scheduling software is accessible through any web browser on computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Protected schedule
The schedule for your business is protected by a log in screen.

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Sample of MaxScheduler Customers



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Customer Testimonials

“We’ve been using Maxscheduler for several years now. It is the quickest, simplest way for us to schedule our small manufacturing plant. It’s been a game changer for us. We’ve found nothing like Maxscheduler. It is the perfect tool for scheduling our production floor. It’s robust and flexible. The support from the company has been excellent too!”

Chris J. - Consumer Display Industry
"MaxScheduler has been a lifesaver for us. It is quick and easy and allows me to schedule our production visually. Peter is always available to help if we have any questions. We have never had any downtime with MaxScheduler either. It just plain works!"

Bryan K. - Rubber Industry

"Max Scheduler was the right size, elegant solution, to help solve our immediate problem"
Al S. - Warehouse manager

Read more what Al Saltemachea was looking for in a receiving door scheduler
"We have a complete MRP system with a scheduler already, but it is so complicated and rigid that we never used it. Our production people already know the last minute constraints for each work center, so we really just needed “a white board” that Sales, Production, and Purchasing could see and have input to in real time. Also, I travel quite a bit so I need to see the latest up to date schedule as well. So putting it all together, MaxScheduler was the answer! We use it daily and it’s been great."

William S. - President - Controls Industry

"We were looking for a solution to some workflow issues we were having within our print studio. After looking online, Max Scheduler stood out as the simplest yet most suitable tool for organising our workflow. It created transparency within the company, especially as our staff are based in different locations yet all need to see what's going on within the print studio. We've also received excellent support when setting up the scheduler and can highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to work from a single online schedule."

Katie M. - Accounts - Media Agency

"There is no way possible we could possibly keep straight the number of Work Orders, Bins of Parts, and Quantity of Parts without MaxScheduler. There is no way possible we could respond to multiple customer requests daily.Quantifying benefits isn’t easy – but every member of the Production Team will state that we could not operate today with MaxScheduler."

Rick Chalmers - Quality Manager - EZ Industrial Solutions