Communicate schedule with web based scheduling software
Scheduling system that is always up to date. This means everyone in your organization can log in and check the schedule themselves. Reduces the need for phone calls, emails, chasing people down, etc. Great for sales people who are on the road, customer service, management, etc.

Easy to use web based scheduler
Easy to use
In MaxScheduler most scheduling actions are done using your mouse. Also there are no enforced business rules to fight against.
Improve customer service with web based scheduler
Customer Service
The schedule is always up to date and can be accessed from anywhere. This makes it easier for you organization respond to customer inquires. For example you can quickly give them a status update on their job. Also you can see if there are gaps in the schedule to fit in new jobs.
Share scheduling role with web based scheduler
Share the scheduling role
Sometimes the scheduling role gets shouldered onto one person and its difficult to share the responsibility. Since MaxScheduler is easy to use and understand, the job of scheduling can be shared amongst more people.
Setup up from spreadsheets with web based scheduler
Not a spreadsheet
Many organizations default to using spreadsheets to track business activities. Spreadsheets can be fragile, they are difficult to share and they can't easily make a graphical schedule. MaxSchedulerWeb is built for scheduling and scheduling only.

Get the most out of your shop floor
Creates a graphical schedule. With a quick look you can get an intuitive feel for how your operations are going and see opportunities to make improvements.

Software integration with web based scheduler
System Integration
MaxScheduler can work with other software system(s) that you are using to run your business. Types of systems would be ERP, MRP, MIS, Job Shop, Accounting, spreadsheets etc.