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Hi, my name is Peter Gadzinski and I work for a company called MaxScheduler. We're continuing our web surveys for manufacturers and printers about software challenges they face in their businesses. We want to share our experiences. MaxScheduler has been in the scheduling software business for about 15 years. We've helped companies schedule around 300 million tasks. Myself, I'm a Scheduling Expert and Product Manager. My LinkedIn profiled is here:

Today, our chapter is about the benefits of enterprise software. Previously, we reviewed the basics, now we're going to get on to why should you go through all this trouble? One of the benefits I mentioned before is enterprise software usually ends up being a unified system to hold all aspects, all details used to run your business. One of the things about implementing an enterprise product such as MRP, WMS, or ERP is it could take a long time, at least a few months, if not one or two years.

There's a huge payoff though if you go through this process because what's going to happen as through the implementation process, you're going to review your current business processes, you're going to try to track as much information as possible within one of these computer systems, you're going to formalizing your business processes, and when you reach the finish line, it's going to shape up your business. You're going to be kind of correcting things that were bad for a long time, cleaning up data, et cetera. Going through that process, there's going to be a heck of a lot of benefit once you reach the finish line.

Another aspect is because you'll be formalizing the processes, previous to implementing enterprise software, you probably had informal ways that things are done. If you had a simpler piece of software, say just an accounting system. People could carry out the same task a thousand different ways and the problem with that though is that there isn't a level of consistency or some ways may have been better than others. With an enterprise software, it can enforce a bit more rigidity because it's tracking more details, people are required to execute certain steps.

Another good thing is once you spent all the time and put all the information into an enterprise software and you keep on updating it, the wonderful thing is that now there's going to be kind of a bird's eye view as to what's going on. For example, the status of a job, it's not going to be sitting on a post-it note, sitting in someone's pocket, or in a manager's head as he goes out for lunch. If an enterprise product is well implemented, anybody probably could log in to the system and check up on the status of something or go find out that value of the key metric about the business. It'll give access to many people, lots of data.

I'll give you a real story of some of the benefits that come out of implementing an enterprise product. Sometimes it's quite surprising. I myself, implemented an MRP system for a business that was around 25-years old. One huge side benefit that they achieved is once I had imported the raw material catalog that was needed to make all the goods that they needed, they were able to create an inventory system for all their raw materials, label all those locations that held raw material.

For the first time in the history of the business, they did an inventory count and were able to figure out how much capital costs. How much money they had in raw material. It was the first time they had ever had an accurate count of raw material capital for that business. This is just one side aspect of implementing an MRP system. Another benefit that comes out of it, once you're tracking all that data and everything is kept up to date and accurate, management now can start developing things like dashboards, or reports, or other types of management tools that allow them to kind of a bird's eye view on the business, which can be really great.

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