Case Study - Receiving Door Scheduler

Customer Profile: The client business involved making consumer storage systems. They have a 600,000 sq. foot factory located in the US. The facility supports the manufacturing, distribution and redistribution aspects of the business. Half the plant is for manufacturing and the other half is warehousing of raw material and finished goods.

Challenge: Al Saltemachea was recently brought in as warehouse manager. He soon recognized that the receiving operation needed improvements. There were 12 receiving doors to schedule. The scheduling was done manually with pen and paper. This meant that receiving operations was having some challenges such as:

* it was taking up more time than needed
* the every changing schedule was on a piece of paper so it required a trip to the shipping office to view it
* it was difficult to communicate changes to the schedule

Solution: Mr. Saltemachea was aware of computerized scheduling solutions from past experience. He decided to look for stand alone software that would computerize the receiving operations. He searched on the Internet and found MaxScheduler software that could be used for Receiving operations. After a couple of hours the software was configured as needed. For example specifying the number and order of receiving doors.

Al Saltemachea concluding remarks:

"MaxScheduler was the right size, elegant solution, to help solve our immediate problem"

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