Case Study - Sod Delivery

We received a call from FairGreen sod, located north of Toronto. They were in their spring rush and overwhelmed with the task of planning their daily delivery trips. The owner of the business was spending 2-3 hours manually sorting invoices into delivery routes. This was after an already long day of taking care of the rest of his business. They contacted us looking for something that would help reduce the work of daily delivery planning.

Orders were all entered into their accounting system and invoices printed out. At the end of the day the invoices were manually sorted into piles that would make up a truck load. There were two considerations when planning. First the traveling distances of the trucks should be minimized. Second delivery sizes should be combined to make use of the full trailer capacity.

MaxScheduler created a tool for FairGreen sod to ease the process of daily delivery planning. Each day the invoice data is exported from the accounting system. MaxScheduler then creates an optimized truck load plan. The plan minimizes the travel distances while making sure the trailers are used to their capacity. The route plan is displayed on the Board section of MaxScheduler. The delivery slips are then printed in the order of truck routes. This is done so that manual adjustment of the routes can be done without requiring extensive knowledge of route planning software. A delivery map and truck routes is also created.

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