USA Manufacturing No Information Sharing

In the world of manufacturing business in North America, I’m constantly amazed at how little real information is available on the internet. If I was a small manufacturing company trying to sort out my scheduling process I don’t know where I would turn to. During my marketing research phase of MaxScheduler I spent hours in Google looking for scheduling resources. I constantly came up with nothing of value. Even when I searched for general resources for manufacturing, I would again come up with nothing.

My background is in software development. As a software developer there are infinite resources to help me with development. The resources are growing, getting better and are free. I contrast this with the world of software for manufacturing. If I’m wrong, please contact me at peter (at) max

My guess is that manufacturing in North America is a traditional industry where in some cases people hold their cards close to themselves. There isn’t a lot of willingness to openly share findings.

The consequence of this is that if you want help, your probably going to need to hire a consultant for it.

One goal of this blog, to educate the market myself with the hope of battling the above problem.

Following this post will be the first installment of posts that will outline what tools small business’ use to solve operation scheduling issues. There will be a short description and the plus/minus list for each tool. The idea is the power of the tools will grow as the list progress’. Some of the scheduling options will be broad business applications that sometimes have schedulers within them. There will be a notes section description interesting aspects of each scheduling tool.

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